Java: It’s everywhere…just like electricity

Even though I am not officially frontline marketing, my last blog entry caused me to realize that I’ve taken the free and convenient availability of Java for granted…which caused me to think of this slogan:

Java: it’s everywhere…just like electricity.”

I’ll give that one to the official marketeers for free…especially since all my base are belong to Sun. But, I do expect to be in the commercial once it airs…or at least on the billboards. Okay?

P.S. I might be able to pull together a related haiku or a snappy jingle…and with a couple quick singing lessons, I am *sure* I’ll be ready for airing during the Super Bowl.

UPDATE: OK…on second thought, since electricity is not free, I think the following slogan might be better:

Java: it’s everywhere…just like sunshine.”

Plus this plays nicely in relation to Sun, but it might be a little too sappy…let me sleep on it…

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