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Welcome to infographic mania! Now, where are the standards?

While the “rush thru everything” part of me does appreciate some “chart porn” (as Dan Frommer puts it), the lack of reporting standards by which many infographic creators are operating is beginning to be a major turn off.


Sure, infographics are shiny and alluring, but the data inaccuracy (or perceived inaccuracy due to missing information such as a date, data sources, etc.) diminishes their value. This is a real shame because infographics are an incredibly valuable format for delivering a high volume of data in a highly comprehensible manner.

As kids, we all learned basic reporting standards while being graded on the creation of countless book reports. Why should infographics be immune to basic reporting standards? Infographics creators go through the effort to create something that looks amazing, why not take a few minutes to validate it’s credibility with the following basic elements?

  • Date (freshness matters)
  • Author(s)
  • Data Source(s)
  • Advertisement disclaimer
  • Content license / distribution terms

This isn’t about hampering creativity. The graphics designers I know are real sticklers about leveraging standards. It more about reliability. These aren’t just pretty, traffic driving pictures — they have the potential to influence critical business decisions.


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