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Home based office perk

Not counting the optional personal hygiene perk one receives as part of being a home based worker, I LOVE that I can take a 10 minute break in the afternoon to pick my tween up from the bus stop after school. It gives us time to have meaningful conversations like this:

Me: Hey! How was school?
Her: Good.
Me: What did you learn today?
Her: Nothing.


Me: Did you change your mind on me participating in the “Shadow your adolescent” program on Friday?
Her: Mom, not to be mean, but only the nerds bring their parents to school.


Her: Did dad get tickets to the world series?
Me: No, they sold out.
Her: Mr. Osborne was trying all day to get tickets. One for him, one for his dad, and two to sell for $5,000 so he can pay down his debt.

Guess that solves the mystery on why she didn’t learn anything today.



Desperately seeking a quality phone headset

headset I blogged about this last year and the issue remains unsolved — why is phone headset technology so bad? Since that post, I’ve gotten by with a dual-earphone headband type Voice Star headset, but I have to place the mouthpiece against my mouth so people can hear me. As of late last week, the left ear phone would frequently cut in and out causing the earphone volume to go from static -> 50% -> 100% -> 50% -> static, etc. Taping the cord to itself and myself in random positions helped for a while.

Today I had enough of it, so I ran to the local electronics store at lunch and picked up a Plantronics M214i. I have to really listen to hear people clearly and according to those to whom I am speaking, they can hear me “OK, but not great.” And, yes, the listening and talking volume settings are turned all the way up.

So, the quest to find a good headset continues. Please let me know if you’re happy with yours.

PS. Excuse my hair “situation”. Some punk in a lapse of good judgment decided to open up neighborhood fire hydrants and drain our community’s 230,000 gallon tank of potable water. So, the shower is really just a trickle and the shampoo/conditioner build up prevents me from sporting my usual big Texas hair. 😉 It’ll take another two weeks to fill the tank and build up water pressure — good thing for me, I don’t have any hair shows on the calendar.


#1 home-based office annoyance

She also happens to be one of my top home-based office perks! Here’s the vibe she’s putting out: “You think I am annoying? Consider this a workaholic intervention maneuver, sister! It’s time to wake up and pay attention to the life around you — starting with ME, of course, and ending with those idiot canines, you call pets.”



The B’s have left the building…

…but the O’s linger on. As if to say “Oh…hello, home owner. My “B” went to lunch, but he shall return and I shall mark his presence in the meantime.”

~ Skrocki on working from home (on a day when the painters have arrived — they’ll be here through Friday)

Quick side note, I contracted with them because of this referral comment that was in their portfolio: “Jesus made a point to keep me informed as to when they were going to arrive each day and what they were going to accomplish each day.” I like that feature.

And one other thing. According to this we’re supposed to love the “O’s”…I’ll keep that in mind this week.


“Anything else before we close the call?”

dogs I’ve been working from my home-based office for about a year now. I’ve been meaning to setup a new blog category to report my work-from-home (WFH) challenges and successes, but just haven’t done so. I will tho’…soon.

Anyway, a funny WFH thing just happened. Since I program manage several different projects, I host a LOT of phone calls. Before long calls, I usually bribe my dogs (Lola & Ellie) to be quiet by offering them disgusting looking but apparently yummy pig ears on which to snack. I usually close a call with this phrase:

“Anything else before we close the call?”

I just realized that my dogs have been interpreting this as “OK, doggies, time to get wiggly in preparation for going outside to do your business!”


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