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#7 Why is this necessary: The Couch Dress





#6 Why is this necessary: Stinky bare feet on planes…

foot My “Why is this necessary” blog feature has been called out as a favorite by one my favorite bloggers, so I was inspired to be on the look out for content. As it turns out, finding content for this category is rather simple, but the Rainman-with-a-camera moment required for snapping an accompanying photo in the name of the blog can be a bit awkward.

Anyway, the stinky feet on airplanes issue has been brought up before, but it’s usually men who are most likely to commit this smelly behavior. Not this time — while commuting back to Colorado, a female college athlete wearing dress shoes with no socks (sitting next to me, of course) decided to liberate her stench emitting feet.

I wondered if there was a non-offending way to queue her to put her shoes on. All I came up with was “Do you smell that? I hope they aren’t serving spoiled pickles on this flight, because I’m allergic to them.”

In the name of tolerance, I settled with pointing my vent at her feet.


#5 Why is this necessary: Toilet paper changing avoidance

OK, this hilarious (in an annoying kind of way)…

What would cause someone to exert more energy into balancing the new roll on top of the empty roll than if they had just slipped the new roll into place?

This prompted me to offer the following F-R-E-E (but mandatory) courses to my family members who reside in the same dwelling as myself.

  • How to multi-task while sitting on the toilet: Replenishing the TP can be good for your karma
  • The dryer lint trap, fire, and YOU: Why the giant “CLEAN BEFORE EACH LOAD” warning is important
  • Dishwasher loading 101: The science of Chi created by enabling free flowing water jets that result in cleaner dishes and happy family members


#4 Why is this necessary: Potentially cool tee gone awry

It’s been a tough week, so I thought I’d whip out the “Why is this necessary category”.

I snapped this photo while perusing Home Depot one bright Saturday morning. This nice man’s tee shirt says “Bad A** Tribe”. I’m guessing the designer wouldn’t approve of him as a model…

…or maybe there really is a Bad A** Tribe and this is the Chief and their #1 rule is to always have a wedgie and I was lucky enough to be in his presence while he was buying an adjustable broom at Home Depot!


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#3 Why is this necessary? Big Bird Evening Gown

I had to slam on the breaks and parallel park to capture this picture, but it was screaming “SOMEONE SHOULD BLOG THIS!” Frosty will once again moan about my crappy photography, but the picture captures the essence of the dress pretty accurately. The poor mannequin even seems displeased.



#2 Why is this necessary? iPod Costumes

ipod-costumes If you agree with the sites description and find these iPod costumes “Cute to the billionth power!”, you can purchase them here.

As for my iPod, it shall remain naked.


#1 Why is this necessary? A new blog category!

melon-rind This is the first entry in my new blog category concisely titled “Why is this necessary?” It’s really just a grouping of things that I find odd or unexplainable…like this:

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