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43 Best Blogs

The 43 Best Blogs site is a mildly interesting wiki of ‘Bests’. The reason is I think it’s only mildly interesting is it’s sort of like the writings you’ll see on public restroom walls — a collection of entries by anyone with no officiating, no explanation of opinions, etc. For example, if your Mom wanted to list your blog in the #1 spot on the best blogs list right this second — she could. So, it’s all in fun, but there are a number of excellent choices on the list that are worth subscribing to.

Why the number 43? As the site says, “Add a blog, delete a blog. The answer to Web 2.0 is ’43’, so please leave the site with the same Zen as you found it.”

Check out the 43 Best Computers list (and no, I didn’t do it & neither did my Mom, but it is tough to dispute):




A husband’s plea to open an online gambling account…

Husband: [Holding brochures with a ridiculous but apparently effective picture of a skinny chick in football sholder pads and a skimpy little jersey] Hey, I think I’m going to open a account.

Me: What?! Are you crazy?!

Husband: I’m really good at winning football pools in the office.

Me: There’s no risk of you draining our life savings in office pools.

Husband: Canbet is powered by Sun and uses Java.

Me: OK, fine, but only $100 and I get half the winnings.

Husband: [Skips over to the computer like a boy on the town when he’s in love.]

[A few minutes pass.]

Me: Did you open your account?

Husband: Yes, but I opened a $200 account because it was more value for the dollar.

Me: [Shakes head. Sighs loudly. Rolls eyes. Begins forming asset protection plans.]


Blogging Haiku

I like to call this haiku ‘DiTucci’s Blogging’. The title is a bit obscure, but it moves me…as I’m am certain it too will move you.

DiTucci’s Blogging.
She thinks she might gab less now.
I really doubt it.

Give me a shout out if you find that it inspires you.

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I’ve received a couple bits of feedback that some folks out there (who may be hard up for entertainment), would like to see me post more haikus. Since this is a company blog site, and since the company is technology focused, I will attempt to keep the haikus posted on this blog technology related.

dearest engineer,
some days, you are wicked smart.
others, just wicked.

What do you think? Per my Bostonian colleque’s suggestion, I’d like to dedicate this haiku to all those hard working, wicked smart engineers in the Boston area…since the use of the term ‘wicked’ aligns nicely with the local lingo.


REALLY Deep Haikus…

Day 3 of blogging and based on the comments of one out of three of my loyal followers, it appears that now is the time for some material from the ‘Obscure Humor’ department. If you find these entertaining (even just a little bit), there could be something wrong with you.

Here we go…

cat Hey crazy gato,
did you drink from my water
when I turned away?

Haiku Disclaimer: Sun Microsystems does not necessarily agree with nor share the concern highlighted in the above haiku. Further, they do not encourage cats to drink from glasses of water assembled for human consumption. Lastly, no humans were harmed as a result of unknowingly drinking the possible backwash of said cat.

Oh dev manager,
how you torture me some days.
Your name: Evil Trey

Haiku Disclaimer: The term ‘evil’ is used in the most endearing way (seriously, I actually like my current dev mgr). Now, this haiku is customizable and can be used for any dev manager with a name of one syllable.

Flushed your cache today?
I did, but I’m not sure why.
I don’t feel diff’rent.

Haiku Disclaimer: Let me think…ok, no fine print is necessary for this haiku. It’s fine as is.

If I have inspired you to add haikuing to your list of interests, you might want to check out the Haiku-o-Matic!


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