When is it OK for legislation to govern love?


This week’s Human Rights Campaign in support of marriage equality no doubt inspired a sense of hope for humanity with many (most?) of us. The message that legislation has NO business dictating who we love was loud and clear. There’s plenty of work to be done to drive this to fruition AND ensure ANY law that meddles with matters of love are stopped — including idiotic, money-wasting, ineffective breed specific legislation (BSL) that dictates what types of dogs we can love.

My friend Erika, a fellow volunteer at the local county animal shelter, posted this picture today that speaks volumes. It’s a picture of her and “Mama Mia” loving each other in the only place where they’re allowed to be together — in confines of Mama’s kennel at the shelter. They are the perfect match, but Erika can’t adopt her because she lives in a city that senselessly bans Pit Bulls. This is wrong.

Cesar Millan once said something that resonated with me — something to the affect that a Pit Bull is just a dog in a Pit Bull outfit. Before the Pit Bull witch hunt, Rottweilers were the target and before them, it was Dobermans, German Shepherds… Perhaps, your dog’s breed will be next.

Persecuting entire categories of living creatures based on breed, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical/mental capabilities, etc. is wrong and discrimination-based laws should never be tolerated!

Sadly, in the case of BSL, millions of lives are senselessly lost because of it every year in the US alone. Some of these animals may be punished simply for visual similarities with banned breeds — mistaken identity is frightfully common during Pit Bull labeling.

Animals can’t change laws. Animals can’t rally those who can with equality memes
. We MUST be their voices not just through fighting discrimination-based laws, but through saying ‘no’ to irresponsible breeding — don’t buy from puppy mill sourced pet stores. Spay/neuter your pets. If you’re looking for a particular breed, consider a breed specific rescue. Check local shelters frequently in person or online via sites like PetHarbor.com or PetFinder.com to find your perfect pet.

Enough is enough with all laws that encourage discrimination of any form!!!


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  1. #1 by norrisgreene10046 on April 8, 2016 - 4:45 am

    Stephen, this is so interesting. I can’t afford any decent software, but I hope to be able to do this to my own photos some day. The first one (I love that you colored the sash) and the last one are my favorites, but they are all excellent. Come on http://tropaadet.dk/norrisgreene10046081845

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