Foster Kittens Officially Ready for Adoption

Today was the last day of fostering the kitties. They’re now 11 weeks old & ready to find their permanent homes. Weened? Check! Spayed/neutered? Check! Vaccinated? Check! There’s only one more critical check pending & that’s the “Adoption” check.

Returning them to the shelter where they’ll stand a better chance of finding their official families wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be — I conveniently had a plethora of distracting tasks to complete when I arrived AND I took a couple of great friends to keep me from veering off into a sobbing puddle of emotions (thank you, Shereen & Roger!).

It’s been fun to watch these furry bundles of cuteness grow from tiny newborns to these fine kitties:

Harper: Beautiful coloring, friendly & outgoing.

Mr. Magoo: Confident, funny & a total Momma’s boy — I’d LOVE it if he and Momma went to the same home (there’s a $10 sale on black cats thru Sunday, Sept 30th!).

Smarty: Quick learner, curious & super easy-going.

Cougar: A cat who knows what she wants & isn’t afraid to use her cuteness to get it. She and Smarty are BFFs & would make fantastic roomies.

As with Momma cat, we’ll continue to visit and keep an eye on on them until they find their permanent families.

All the best, my furry friends! I’ll miss snuggling you everyday. ♥



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