Unintential Mentoring

The collective sum of the wisdom depth & breadth of people whom I consider my mentors is unbelievably vast. For this, I consider myself incredibly lucky & grateful.

Here’s the twist. In many cases, (not all, of course) the mentor didn’t realize they were mentoring me. I’ve had amazing learning experiences from highly experienced people, people far more educated & brilliant than I can ever hope to be, super green interns, angry mobs, hostile trolls, homeless people, super old and super young people & every age in between, complete strangers whom crossed my path for the slightest slice of time, people on the internet whom I’ve never met (some know of my existence, but many will never know I am their pupil), people I have absolutely nothing in common with and frankly can’t stand, etc., etc., etc.

They all influence my thoughts and opinions. They all arm me with experiences that I’ll hopefully leverage well at some point in my life.

It makes me wonder how I may be adding or detracting value to those around me. Who might I be unintentionally mentoring and is the result for the greater good?

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.”

~ Source Unknown

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