@kevinokeefe, Lawyer, on Companies who block Social Media

By now, you know how passionate I am about the proven goodness that companies see via the use of social networking (see the fine print here for one example). So, it’s no surprise that my stance on companies that block social sites is not one of support.

Kevin O’Keefe, my most recent favorite blogging lawyer, (but not my 1st favorite — sorry Kevin), has an excellent blog post on the topic titled “Companies and law firms blocking use of social media : Insanity is rampant“.

A few of my favorite quotes from his blog post:

“Maybe things have changed since I started practicing law almost 30 years ago. Back then law firms got their best work by word of mouth. Both lawyers and non lawyer personnel were expected to represent the law firm well in all they did (some things we were more proud of than others). We knew the more our employees came in touch with other people, the greater the opportunity people got to know them, and when the need for a lawyer arose, the people our employee’s met would think of us. Novel concept? Hardly.

Now we have one of the most effective mediums – the Internet – for time and cost effective networking and we’re telling lawyers and other legal professionals they can’t use it. Can’t use it because of fears born out of ignorance. That’s nuts.”

Have a look at the full post. Well worth the read.

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