Things that warm my heart…

  1. A colleague receiving well-deserved recognition for his amazing contributions, brilliance and eagerness to share it. Congratulations, Joe Mocker, for your latest title of Principal Engineer! Not only is Joe able to solve the toughest technology problems, but he does it with such a friendly, humble style.
  2. A boss who is willing to persevere through the industrial strength red tape and ridiculous volumes of work by taking the time to ensure his staff are taken care of and rewarded. See #1. Thanks Will.
  3. Celebrities who have a soul and genuinely care about others beyond themselves. Well handled, @MrsKutcher!
  4. People who are willing take the time to share tips based on their own challenging experiences. Thank you Katy, for your “After the RIF notice, before you leave” blog post.
  5. Corporations who get that community tools are for building authentic relationships with members — real human beings that share commonality — in the community. Kudos to @cbs4denver for getting this! One of my favorite tweets of yours: “cbs4denver Hello all, we’re just sitting down for our afternoon editorial meeting. Please join us.” Every day, via Twitter, they invite their fellow neighbors into the news room to pitch ideas on what the collective “we” want to talk about. I love that.
  6. This blog, and folks who follow it. Micro-blogging on Twitter is all well and good, but there’s nothing like carving out un-rushed time to write down complete thoughts.
  7. And lastly, via my home girl, Mary’s blog (you’ll want to have your lighters ready and someone you love next to you before you click play):
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