Four Million Messages on Sun Forums!

A notable milestone for Sun Forums was reached today in the form of seeing it’s four millionth post.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the team the last few years and as a result have engaged directly with the community — it’s been an invaluable education in the community space. If you’re looking for a lesson in community dynamics, community policy building, community moderation, or just want to learn to be an effective community contributor, I recommend you find a forum that interests you and engage. You’ll find the experience and the rewards are different from any other community site. For example, forums conversations are faster-flowing than blogs, yet more focused and organized than super fast flowing micro-blogging sites like Twitter.

In terms of annual page views and visits, Sun Forums is by far Sun busiest community site. To offer context, here’s a quick glimpse of traffic for Sun forums, blogs, wikis for 2008:

 Views  Visits  Site Age
 Wikis  4.6M  1.3M  <2 yrs
 Blogs  21.8M  12.2M  <5 yrs
 Forums  66.4M  36.0M  <8 yrs

That’s a lot of communication going on! If you are a Sun employee, chances are the project you are working on has a forum dedicated solely to that topic — an excellent opportunity for you to engage with the folks who share that commonality. Let us know if you’re interested in becoming a Sun Moderator of a particular forum or if you’d like to nurture a forum on a new topic.

I also want to give a shout-out to the Sun Forums Lead Engineer, who has been committed to the site since day one, always has a positive disposition and a "can do" attitude…Congrats & a million thanks Ramsci! 😀

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