A Pivital Change in the Storage World

I’m no storage expert, but when one of my favorite uber geeks (a term of endearment used to describe a guy who has run massive sites for decades) tells me “This is the greatest [bleeping] thing since sliced bread!”, I know it’s a big deal — not the kind of “Oh, Sun released another new product” kind of deal, but more of a “This has never been done before and changes the whole ball game” kind of deal.

The beauty of the new Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems is it solves for major cost AND efficiency issues…the coolness factor is the icing on the cake.

Anywho, check out the video below for more info. If you’re on Twitter, you saw that Hal is memorizing his notes to present at CEC, but if you’re not there, you can join a discussion with him & the storage engineers on Blog Talk Radio at 5PM PT today.

For those bargain bin shoppers, like me, you can try the new storage systems for free for 60 days then, get a discount OR…check out the fine print on the Big Cheese’s blog post for a chance to win one for F-R-E-E (as in no I.O.U…ever). Good luck!

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