Tadpole Update

The batch of tadpole eggs from June is still producing frogs. I must have missed the lesson in school that the rate they mature varies wildly. Since it’s now fall in Colorado & since the night temps are expected to drop below freezing this week, I setup a small indoor tank to rescue 12 slow growers and provide a fun learning experience for the family (plus, I’m a sucker for critters in need).

I’ll release them into a local natural pond (their native habitat) when it’s warm — let’s just hope the family enjoys the charming sound of their nightly serenades in the meantime.

  1. #1 by Jeremy Day on October 12, 2008 - 12:37 pm

    Hi Linda,
    Glad Bernice sent me here. I love blogging and love your blog. I especially like your "I got in trouble for blogging…" blog. Guess its hard to understand how great blogging is until you try it.
    Keep up your fun stories. I wanna know how those little "froggie wahgies" do. For some more inside humor about the last sentence ask Bernice what it really means. 😉

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