A must watch Sun Ray video

I was just chatting with ThinGuy about the following video. Truth be told, I’m turned off by many technology videos because I find them boring, but you have to watch this one. Scott McNealy (Sun Chairman) and Terry Matthews (Mitel Chairman) are such compelling communicators, they could be talking about dirt and the conversation would be worth a listen. But, that’s not all. 😉 Following their intro, is an incredibly cool demo of the Sun Ray and Mitel telephony system solution — I WANT ONE!

Which reminds me (apologies for the side note) of a conversation I had with another colleague today about how Sun and non Sun social networks have triggered me to have a deeper awareness of Sun initiatives (like this one) that are not directly related to the focus of my role. I got to know ThinGuy through his blog which triggered an opportunity to meet him and his lovely wife for dinner. Though we live in different states, my husband and I have become great friends with them…and I know more about Sun Rays than I ever expected. 🙂

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