“Happiness as your Business Model” – Tara Hunt

Tara Hunt, AKA @missrogue on twitter, created an excellent presentation, “Happiness as Your Business Model”, on how to leverage the following “pillars of happiness” to make your websites, products, and services successful:

“1. autonomy
2. competence
3. relatedness
4. self-esteem”

She offers specific case studies of how companies like Zappos.com, Moleskin, Twitter, Ma.gnolia, & WordPress have become “agents of happiness” by infusing the pillars of happiness in their business models to make their customers/users happy.

My favorite implementation examples of the pillars are as follows (slides 124 and 134):

“5 ways to create feelings of autonomy:
1. give people tools to personalize their experiences
2. build tools that democratize previous inaccessible industries
3. offer clear and attractive choices
4. be open and transparent
5. don’t lock people in

5 ways to increase relatedness:
1. build multiple ways for customers to interact
2. have many collaborative experiences
3. create simple ways for customers to share with a friend
4. design for generosity
5. create online/offline meeting experiences”

Good stuff. Check it out.

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