Laura Fitton Interview

It’s a bit long (by today’s 140 character Twitter standard), but check out this excellent interview with Laura Fitton (you can follow her on Twitter via @Pistachio). I completely agree with her observations about Twitter.

Following are a few of my favorite quotes from the post:

“To be candid, Twitter sounds idiotic at first. It’s true. But it’s also true it’s changed my life and career a bazillion ways. I’ve gone from homebound mom of two babies under two to solidly booked, traveling around the world and extraordinarily well-networked.”

“Connecting to so many smart people – online and off – via Twitter has been like hitting a big cool oasis in a lifelong desert.”

“Get over expertise and fiefdoms. Be porous. Seek out social media Wunderkinds (of any age) because aptitude, authenticity and enthusiasm trounce authority in this world. Much is experimental. Be willing to try and fail and adjust and try better.”

“Twitter can be used so many different ways to accomplish so many different things. Here are just a few internal uses I see:

  • Team build–not just by cooperating but with actual relationships. Twitter has the “water cooler” effect, but with genuine knowing and collegiality
  • Collaborate on projects & share ideas: have brains to pick/bounce ideas off
  • Flatten the org chart to create feedback and mentoring
  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Pass along information and articles in real time
  • Summarize core ideas
  • Coordinate travel and conferences
  • Simplify communications
  • Fast sharing of ideas, news and information
  • Provide extensive personal and professional support
  • Research, sourcing & purchasing advice
  • To leave social media in the marketing/publicity layer is a HUGE mistake — akin to saying email is only a marketing tool.”

She also touches on this amazing experience thanks to Qik:

“Qik helped me help my dad to get to his mom’s deathbed on time…]”

It reminds me how lucky I am to work in this space and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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