Can you spot the hidden feline?

This one is a toughie — only the sharpest eye trained in spotting domesticated felines in their (un)natural habitat will likely be capable of identifying the feline in this photo*. The way it camouflages itself in the synthetic material, that is only seasonally native to it’s environment, is nothing less than remarkable — only mature female felines are likely capable of pulling off this exquisite maneuver.


* National Geographic inquiries can be left via the comments feature below.

  1. #1 by * Miss Universe on November 17, 2007 - 10:33 pm

    This is just TOO much of a coincidence!
    we have an pure white albino kitten who just a few hours ago fell in love with our white Xmas tree as we were unwrapping it.
    It was lying on the floor, as we were gathering the package – and she was all over it like it was her mother :-D-

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