Meet the Twitter Team

Scoble just posted a fantastic video of his visit with the nice folks who bring us Twitter.

In the video, Twitter engineers talk about the importance and challenges of caching data for what seems to be a super simple application & touched a bit on scaling & how they were surprised by the usage spike. They also touch on how Twitter is built largely on RoR with many customizations and the use of Jabber.

Interesting video tidbit: Twitter gets 10x more traffic via the API than the website. One of the most common uses of the API is Twittervision. Info about the API is posted here. I’m wondering what the use cases are for companies like Sun leveraging the API? I see a lot of companies Twitter-izing feeds — I setup a Twitter feed of Sun Blogs, but I’m sure there are interesting use cases for corporate uses of the API.

And if you’re wondering why Twitter doesn’t update your Facebook status, it’s because the Facebook status API is not opened. So, if this is something of value to you, let Facebook know.

It’s all about sharing and as Alex Payne, Twitter Engineer, says Twitter “Brightens your daily routine.” I agree that sounds a bit corny, but as much as I resisted Twitter in the beginning, it’s now one of the first sites I open in the morning and the last site I close at night. It has had an adverse affect on the time I spend blogging and feed reading, but I dig the brevity, efficiency and cross-functionality of it all.

  1. #1 by Danny Holland on August 3, 2007 - 2:00 pm

    Good video! Really cool to get an inside look at twitter like that. Always nice to put a face with a product that I use on a regular basis. I think Sun should do something like this with new start ups using Sun software and hardware, could be very education and insightful.

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