dotSUB: Video translation via closed captioning

Strange that the issue of language barriers presented with social content in video form doesn’t seem to be discussed much. dotSUB appears to have a sensible model.

  1. #1 by Igor on June 13, 2007 - 12:45 am

    Interesting… this is one of those simple ideas that everybody else failed to come up with.
    If they implemented the service in a way similar to reCAPTCHA, they could kill two birds with one stone.

  2. #2 by Danny Holland on June 13, 2007 - 12:40 pm

    Good find Linda!!!

  3. #3 by melanie gao on June 13, 2007 - 6:10 pm

    Skrocki, you have the best links of any blogger I’ve ever met. I loved the Creative Commons one! I’m going to get one of their licenses for my blog so people feel free to take content if they want it. BTW the voiceover work on that video was great! The artist’s name is Sarah Kraft. That’s another cool think about your blog – the interesting links on your blog take me to other interesting content.

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