Interesting Summary: Corporate blogging case studies

The IndiaPRBlog has an aggregated list of several corporate blogging case studies. In addition to Sun blogs, they also touch on a few other great corporate blog sites: Macromedia, Southwest Airlines, and uber blogger, Scoble. They summarized the following regarding Sun blogs:

“Sun is said to promote employee blogging more than any other technology firm and is the largest company with a CEO who blogs. Sun’s slightly unconventional CEO Jonathan Schwartz, one of only a couple Fortune 500 CEOs with blogs, was an early advocate of executive blogging. Hundreds of thousands of visitors read Schwartz’ blog each month and on a recent day it had received over 6,000 hits.

Sun’s blog was created to improve both communications with the public and collaboration with outside developers and programmers who author third-party applications for Sun’s systems.Today over 3,000 of Sun’s 32,000 employees have corporate blogs, many receiving thousands of hits per day.”

For the full Sun blogging case study, check out the BCOM 522 blog entry titled “Blogging Done Right: Sun Microsystems“.

I’ll add this to our Sun blogs anniversary aggregation to throw some non-Sun bloggers observations about Sun blogs into the mix.

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