Notes: 030907 the show with zefrank

ze As you may know, Ze is leaving his crazy-famous videocast gig for something bigger. Something glitzier. Something that apparently pays more. A lot more. 🙂 And because of this fact, like me, you may feel that awkward about-to-be-dumped-and-I’m-bitter sensation. But we shall get over it. I hope.

As with most people in relationships that are about to end, my listening skills are acutely sharp. So sharp that I took the following notes based on his 030907 show — not only because I’m in that desperate please-please-don’t-leave-me-I’m-really-listening-this-time phase, but because the points meet one or two of the secret ingredients of a good bit of participation age content. They are either informative and/or entertaining:

030907 The Show with ZeFrank

  • Final show for the gimme some candy feature, but is taking over the idea & peeps like us can get candy ($) for stuff we make.
  • “The show” products will EOL by next friday! Eeek…I gotta get my duck shirt!
  • On being human: “To err is human.” To this, I say “Indeed.”
  • DHL accidentally misrouted a partial human head and a liver. Nice — see above bullet.
  • Some dude in Germany has uranium pellets buried in his backyard and it took him 10 years to finally convince the gov’t of this factoid. That’s comforting.
  • After President Bush visits a sacred Mayan archaeological site next week, Mayan priests will purify the site to eliminate bad spirits he left behind.

I can’t wait to see what Ze does next and hope he won’t be MIA for long. His show has been a great source of levity — especially on those days when the ickyness-o-meter has hit the red zone. I grew fond of Ze because he possesses a characteristic that a lot of participation age celebs lack: Humility. His show wasn’t all about narcissistic self promotion. Plus his ability to not blink was rather mesmerizing.

Best of luck, Ze! 😀

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