How Sun inspires employee volunteerism

Mary wrote a great article for WorldWIT that comprehensively summarizes Sun’s approach to supporting and inspiring philanthropic activies by employees.

Because of Sun’s commitment to giving back to the community,

  • I have had the oppportunity to be a volunteer librarian at my child’s school a couple hours a week for the last several years
  • I coordinated a book drive at Sun that resulted in more than 2,000 books being donated to a local, public elementary school
  • My family was able to partake in sorting and shipping donated medical supplies to some of the poorest regions in the world via Project C.U.R.E
  • My extended family is able to easily contribute to local organziations in need of food and clothing for the poor
  • I’m able to easily donate cash to my favorite charities and Sun matches my contributions

For me, engaging in the above was made simple because of our local Sun Team Mananger. As Mary mentions in the the article:

“Team Managers act as the local “eyes and ears,” identifying volunteer projects for the campus and working with non-profit organizations to coordinate efforts.”

More info on the Sun Foundation (for which Mary is the Director), bridging the digital divide, and Sun’s community investment:

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