I like this

Terry’s post about a colleague who recently snail mailed him a newspaper clipping reminded me of my great grandma Mable’s newspaper clippings that she would slip between her kitchen table and a clear plastic table cloth. Sitting at her table was always interesting because of this practice. Plus, she was always cooking/baking while telling compelling stories. I could only understand a fraction of what she was saying because she spoke Span-glish, but she was so animated and spoke with such conviction.

Being a rancher’s wife, she could chop off the head of chicken without batting an eye — and not a crumb of food was wasted. At the end of meal, she’d scrape off the plates and collect the crumbs left on the table then use them as stew ingredients for the hard-working farm dogs. An amazing woman.

  1. #1 by Terry Sigle on March 2, 2007 - 2:56 pm

    Great response. I was telling my wife about my blog and your response. Her reply back to me before I could describe your reponse was, “…the last news clipping we got was from your grandma of a meatball spaghetti pie recipe…”. Sounded similar to your grandma’s news clippings.

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