Happy 25th Anniversary Sun!

Sun was incorporated 25 years ago today. I’ve only been at Sun the last six years, but had my eyes set on becoming an employee long before then. I blogged previously about one of my first fond memories about working at Sun — it was the day I almost met Scott McNealy, Sun Founder:

“It was the fall of 2000 and I had just joined Sun — something I aspired to do for years. I was in training at the Sun campus in Burlington, MA and Scott was speaking at an all hands. Not only was it standing room only, but the best position I could get was in a hallway where I could see him through a couple panels of glass. I was super starry-eyed — like seeing the pope or something!

The only other time I saw him, I was a volunteer at the Sun John Elway Golf Classic and was standing at the 1st hole. As Scott arrived at the hole, I meant to say something like “Hey Scott! Good luck today!”, but instead I just stood there. Frozen. Staring. Mouth agape. I’m sure he was impressed.”

Scott has a far more compelling story about how it all began. Have a look…

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