Have you checked out ShatnerVision?

Bill Shatner, along with his daughter Liz, has extended his blogging career into the world of video casting via ShatnerVision.

It’s worth a look. I might subscribe because I loved him as Captain Kirk and the main character in the Twilight Zone episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” AND I adore him now because of his a sweet sense of humor. Based on the few ShatnerVision videocasts that I’ve seen, they aren’t focused on deep, intellectual topics, but are more like light, pleasant break room dialog.

If after watching the ShatnerVision intro below, you find yourself hard up for more entertainment like it, check out his post Super Bowl XLI videocast — it’s interesting to see someone like him having the same silly everyday worries that the rest of us share. It’s also yet another example of the power of developing global relationships and credibility via social media.

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