New Eco Blog Theme

eco The Sun Green Team has created an Eco theme which is now available to all bloggers. If you want to check it out, Aaron and Mary are using it on their blogs.

My favorite feature of the theme is the rotating ‘Eco Fact’. Here’s an example: “Eco Fact: The US currently emits 43,000 pounds of CO2 annually per person. (EPA)”

Which reminded me of this interesting fact I recently read in “Backyard Living”: “One acre of trees absorbs 6 tons of carbon dioxide and produces 4 tons of oxygen. That’s enough fresh air to sustain 18 people for a year!”

Mary raised the question of how to move her blogroll to the link section of the new theme. For those wondering the same thing, I posted the steps below in her comments — step eight (a Mary-ism) is entirely optional, but highly recommended:

How to move your blogroll to the ‘Link’ section of your new Eco Theme in eight easy steps:

1. Login
2. Click on the “Create & edit” tab
3. Click on the “Bookmarks” sub tab
4. Click on “Blogroll”
5. Check “Select All”
6. In the drop down list select “/”
7. Click on “Move selected”
8. Swivel-swivel-double snap!

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  2. #2 by mprove on August 27, 2008 - 1:56 am

    Hi, what I really like about the Eco theme is that it supports tags right away. Tags a so far more flexible than Roller’s categories! Combine the approaches if you like, but do not miss the potential of tagging.

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