The worst cup of purchased coffee I’ve ever had

Starbucks accidentally gave me someone else’s coffee this morning & I made it all the way home before I realized the mistake. Here’s the wretched description:

Sugar free Vanilla
1% Milk
Vanilla Latte

To this I say, why not drink blended cardboard? Blech!!! I too add in foo foo elements to my grande dolce latte, but it also contains THREE shots of espresso so there’s no mistaking that the coffee is the entire point.

I normally check to make sure I got MY specific cup of legal crack before driving off, but today I was distracted. I was trying to snap a photo of the lady in the car behind me for my “Why is this necessary?” blog category. She was performing deep grooming in the drive thru (while sitting in the drivers seat) — applying mascara over and over (not super unusual, but still dumb) AND using that spooky looking eyelash curler device. She was holding it against her eyes for at least a minute at a time. All the while she was making seriously peculiar faces in the mirror.

I think it was her coffee that I sadly inherited. Which makes her the most annoying woman in my world on this fine MLK Holiday — and if she drank my triple shot latte, the situation can only get worse. Thank goodness I had espresso beans and Baileys at home — at 8°F it’s too cold to drive back to Starbucks.

  1. #1 by swag on January 15, 2007 - 1:08 pm

    WTF are “espresso beans”?!?! Are they like “quiche eggs” or “burrito chicken”?

  2. #2 by skrocki on January 15, 2007 - 1:59 pm

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