A couple new features on blogs.sun.com

Roller 3.2 (deployed to this site earlier in the month) provides a template model that allows bloggers to add a couple site metrics to their blog. I added total # of comments and entries as an experiment to my right nav. To do this, I added the following to my weblog file in the area where I wanted it to render:


Dave just added the same(+) to the front page of blogs.sun.com:


The jury is out on whether or not this is useful information for the front page of a blog site, but it gets my vote because the total # of Sun bloggers is a frequently asked for bit of data and frequently mentioned in the blogosphere. What do you think?

Another cool thing you may have noticed on blogs.sun.com is I recently added Arabic to the available languages on Jonathan’s blog in preparation for the first entry translated into Arabic — it should show up this week thanks to Tim, Chris, Waleed, and a cast of other folks!


  1. #1 by Jim Grisanzio on December 29, 2006 - 7:06 am

    I like the stats. Almost at three thousand. Very impressive. And I’m a total supporter of making JIS’s blog international. Maybe some day we’ll all be able to have that. 🙂 It’s so important to recognize other languages. Excellent.

  2. #2 by Skrocki on January 2, 2007 - 1:31 pm

    Hi Jim. I agree that wider availability of blog content in multiple languages is badly needed. Sadly, auto-translation (cost-effective) of high volume content is still of poor quality. Jonathan’s blog entry translations are of high-quality, but come at the price of having them professionally translated — well worth the investment for a blogging CEO, but I’m afraid it’s just not cost effective for bloggers across the board. Some day…

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