Sun and the United Nations

One of the primary reasons I (and many other people with philanthropic interests) work at Sun is because it is a socially responsible company — Sun doesn’t just talk about why social responsibility is good, but it demonstrates this stance through action.

One such action is Sun’s sponsorship of the UN Youth Summit. Thanks to an invite from Mary, I was able to contribute to one of the events. I co-hosted a couple Blogging 101 sessions for UN representatives and UN Youth Delegates. Jennifer, fellow co-host, summarized the sessions well on our group blog.

Discussing the value of leveraging blogging to spread their message and form fruitful relationships with these amazing people tasked with such an important charter is an experience I won’t soon forget.

More about the event, per the UN website:

“The United Nations Global Youth Leadership Summit (GYLS) seeks to strengthen the worldwide movement to engage young people in decisions about the future of their communities, regions, and our emerging global society.

Young leaders, one young man and one young woman from the 192 United Nations member states, will meet in New York on 29 – 31 October 2006, to share ideas and actions plans on ways to reduce poverty and accelerate the achievement of the other Millennium Development Goals and build peace, with sport and culture as vehicles for reaching out to youth worldwide.” Learn more

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