Vloggies, Bloggies, and ummm…Gov’t Voting

‘Tis the season to vote…and there’s plenty to weigh in on (sorry for ending a sentence with a preposition, but “..and there’s plenty on which to weigh” doesn’t feel right).

Government Voting: I voted today in record time. I spent <5 minutes in the polling booth — less time than the polling machine demo given by the nice, retired lady who lives for volunteering at the polls every election day. I felt like interupting her to let her know I knew what to do, but that dang Catholic guilt got the better of me again. I do have to give a shout-out to the work-from-home situation which allowed me to quickly pop into the neighborhood polling place mid-day when it wasn't busy.

Vloggies: The results are in and neatly summarized by Scoble. I was glad to see that my favorite vlogger, ZeFrank, took home some bling. Too bad the Vloggies didn’t offer a “Favorite Geriatrics Vlogger” because Peter from the UK would have won hands down.

Bloggies: TOMORROW is your last chance to vote for your favorite Sun blogger or Sun blog enty. You have to be a citizen of Sun Microsystems to vote tho’. I think they should change this. Here are my picks (hopefully, I won’t get in trouble for voting more than once):

Favorite Blog Entry: New Song: Java EE 5!
Technology Category: TheAquarium
Favorite Blog: ThinGuy
Business Category: Jim Grisanzio
Favorite Blog: MaryMary
Technology Category: Roumen’s Weblog

Sure they are all favorites to win, but two elements that had a heavy influence on my choices were:

1. Level of blogging effort
2. Passion

There are at least 10 other Sun blogs that I read consistently, but didn’t want to lose my Bloggies Voter Card for going over board.

  1. #1 by ThinGuy on November 18, 2006 - 6:49 pm

    I’m extremely flattered to have your vote in be in the company of MM, Jim, Roumen, etc.
    (sniff, sniff)
    It’s an honor just to be nominated. 🙂

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