Couch Restoration

A few months ago, I was with my Grandmother as she was consolidating belongings in preparation for a move to Las Vegas (a much warmer winter climate than Colorado). She mentioned she needed someone to help her make arrangements to dispose of an old couch that was stored in her basement.

This couch has a ton of sentimental value — it’s been around since before my generation existed. It’s featured in many of our family photos. It also happens to have a gorgeous, cross-functional shape (the back folds flat for a bed) and well-built structure — as opposed to the stapled together crap now labeled ‘fine furniture’.

Anyway, I, envisioning it’s restored state, asked if I could have it. Grandma along with a few other family members couldn’t help but ask why the heck I’d want it. I could see their point to some degree. The 50+ year old upholstery was severely worn, buttons were missing, springs were spung, etc.

I engaged my grandmother in the new fabric selection process. She wanted a flower pattern, but my vision was in a dark denim since it’s going in my husband’s sports collectibles room (not to mention the versatility value of denim). A lighter denim shade won Grandma over.

Here is it’s before restoration state:

And $860 in restoration fees later, it looks like this:

Well worth the money, I’d say. The restorer told me the structure is in fine shape and the style is timeless.

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