This blog is neglected and that sucks

Disclaimer: I work at the company of my choice reporting to the boss of my choice who has honored every single request to work on the projects of my choice, so anything that follows should be framed with this context. 🙂

wk-lifeWhy hasn’t this blog been updated with the best content I can offer at the best frequency that I could provide? Because, as Sun’s Engineering Blogs Program Manager (& other equally as important roles), I’m often busy enabling other Sun bloggers to nurture and love their blogs and be successful bloggers. This is fun and rewarding work but it’s kind of like the therapist who spends all day helping to mend broken relationships & does nothing or not enough to nurture their own relationships — only nuturing this blog isn’t as important as mending relationships. Or is it?

If blogging is the bloodline to forming and growing meaningful business relationships in Web 2.0 why aren’t we making more time for it? Because, unless we are professional bloggers who have a direct line from our blog to our pocket book, many corporate bloggers don’t often have time to nurture our blogs as much as we’d like & that’s not good.

This reminds me of something compelling my Grandma Becky said when she was alive. She said we have all this modern equipment like washers, dryers, dishwashers, gas/electric stoves, hot water heaters, and Sun Fire servers (just kidding on that last item) etc., but we work waaaaaay harder than she ever did several decades ago raising TEN children. At first I thought that just can’t be possible — as I envisioned her doing the laundry for a family of TWELVE via a tub and washboard. Then, I spent a year or so thinking we probably work just as hard, but in a different way. Now, I think she was right — plain and simply right.

After migrating to working full time in my home-based office almost a year ago, the stars for several glorious months were perfectly aligned — I would tell friends “I have never experienced such harmony in my life!” My work and personal lives were perfectly and harmoniously in balance. Over time, the workaholic subtly began to tip the scales in the work direction and this week, I lifted my head long enough to realize the scale is completely tipped – if not toppled over – in the work direction.

I can’t believe I let this happen, but as I said, it was a subtle transition, so I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I am, however, going to make some adjustments to get the work life & home life back in balance…

…AND not neglect the other fun parts of my job that meet my own interests — like blogging.

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