Jonathan: “un blogeur”

The AP took notice of the new language element on Jonathan’s blog that will support translated versions of his new blog entries in 10 additional languages. The article posted on Yahoo refers to him as “un blogeur”. One could argue that he is “le bloguer” — at least as far as Fortune 500 CEOs go. 🙂

He states in the article, “The blog has become for me the single most effective vehicle to communicate to all of our constituencies — developers, media, analysts and shareholders,” Schwartz said in his Silicon Valley office. “When I go out and have dinner with a key analyst on Wall Street or a key investor from Europe and ask them if they’ve read my blog, they almost universally say yes.”

I found the following statement from David Taylor, an exec consultant in Boulder, interesting: “As much as I’m impressed by Jonathan’s blog, I wonder how he has time to blog when he has a company that desperately needs management steered in the right direction.” This reminded me of a comment that Shel made when a few of us met with him last month. He said the return on investment (ROI) of blogging is measured the same way one would measure the ROI of time spent building a friendship. Looking at it this way, it’s difficult to understand why only 6% of the Fortune 500’s take the time to initiate conversations via blogging that lead to valuable relationships.

As Jonthan goes on to state in the article, “Mainstream communication is horrible at serving niches. This is a good way to take the expertise around Sun, which can be pretty esoteric, and ensure it’s available to the marketplace.”

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