Announcing the Skrocki Decuples!

fry Don’t worry, I didn’t give birth to 10 babies otherwise you’d have heard about it on [pick your favorite news source] and my last entry would have marked the end of my blogging career. Our queen guppy finally gave birth to at least 14 baby guppies (‘fry’ as we say in the guppy social network). I don’t know what the tuple name is for 14 multiples otherwise I’d have used it instead of ‘decuples’ in my title (anyone know what the term is for 14 multiples?).

We subscribe to the ‘let nature take it’s course’ theory to keep the guppy population in check — which means the fry won’t be separated from the few other adult fish in the tank and only the strong (and lucky) will survive. The reason we do this is to keep the population in balance.

To the guppy rights activists out there: Don’t worry, we give the fry a fighting chance by providing plenty of natural plants in which the fry may opt to take shelter. 🙂

Pardon the crappy photo. I’m photography challenged — as my high school photography teacher and Frosty will tell you. 🙂

UPDATE: Compliments of Dan Mick the tuple term for 14 is “quadecaplets”…makes perfect sense once you hear it. For more info on human mutiples, see: The site provides some data on Decaplets (10), Undecaplets (11), Duodecaplets (12), Tridecaplets (13), Quadecaplets (14), Quindecaplets (15). Can you imagine?

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