Waxxi (beta): Interactive Podcasting

Waxxi will host what they are calling their inaugural social podcast on May 20th. Their guests will be Naked Conversations co-authors Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. Anyone interested in participating in the podcast discussion as it is recorded can do so by registering here (it’s a .pdf). Then, simply dial into the toll free podcast number on May 20th at 10:30 AM PDT

More info on how the podcast will work: http://waxxi.us/blog/2006/04/30/a-naked-conversation-with-robert-and-shel/

One could argue that interactive podcasts are basically recorded conference calls available for replay (Sun and a lot of other companies have been doing this for years), though I really like what Waxxi is doing. AFAIK, no other entity has focused primarily on organizing podcast events that allow anyone to join live conversations with people they would not normally have access to, such as techno-celebs and/or subject matter experts. Waxxi plans to continue the conversation on their site after the podcast, but it’s not clear how this will happen, I’m guessing they’ll leverage the above blog.

Unless yard work trumps my plans on Saturday, I’ll likely check it out.

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