My Amazon Plog

plog Amazon has a new feature that enables direct, easy, web conversations between readers and authors. Similar to blogs, ‘plogs’ help facilitate these direct conversations between people on the ‘inside’ (authors, in this case) with people on the ‘outside’ (readers). This reminds me of the following comment in The Cluetrain Manifesto:

“You have two choices. You can continue to lock yourself behind facile corporate words and happytalk brochures. Or you can join the conversation”.

(Side note for those not familiar with The Cluetrain Manifesto, one of the authors, Rick Levine, was a web architect at Sun. The number of published authors, patent holders, and PhDs employed at Sun is stunning…even the son of Nobel Prize winner, Richard Schrock, works here! Side, side note: Schrock kind of sounds like Skrocki, but I regrettably assure you, it’s a whole separate family of braincells. OK, ending the corporate sappy talk now.)

Anyway, in my plog, I received a message from the author of a book I ordered several months ago explaining the cause of the delayed arrival of the book. Coincidentally, the author happens to be a primary engineer on one of the projects that I get to program manage. That’s right…the author is our very own, Dave Johnson, who in addition to being busy “waiting for the Atom protocol to stabilize” has also been busy developing and delivering new Roller code, so sites like this can support open web conversations…

…like this.

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