Good luck with the kids Christmas list this year!!!

Now that I have my 11-year-old’s Christmas list, I ran over to Best Buy at lunch today to begin shopping. Not only did I walk away empty handed, but I have a serious case of sticker shock! Here’s what on “the list”:

  • $1,000 laptop: I can’t really justify this since she has her own desktop…fully loaded with countless games and other stuff)
  • $249 Sony PSP: She has a PlayStation2 (yes, I know about the PS3) and an Xbox (yes, I know about Xbox 360…the uber geeks were already camped out at Best Buy). I’m thinking two prioprietary gaming systems and their proprietary games are enough.
  • $30-$60 PSP games (plural) to go with the PSP: comments in above bullet apply
  • $199 iPod Nano: This, I can justify so she’ll relinquish primary control of my 40G iPod.
  • $100-$200 MP3 gift card for the iPod: what’s wrong with her sharing my fine collection of Neil Sedaka, Sinatra, Patsy Cline, etc.? πŸ˜‰
  • $TBD cell phone: Why an elementary school child needs a cell phone is beyond me, but I can tell you based on my volunteer librarian work at her school that most kids do have cell phones. I’m not one to buy into anything because everyone else does, but I can see how not having a cell phone can be somewhat isolating. Having an alternate mode to contact her when she’s not home is certainly a plus.

All of the sudden, giving kids socks and underwear for Christmas doesn’t seem so offensive…tho’ a few decades later I’m still bitter that I didn’t get that Baby Alive Doll.

  1. #1 by ditucci on November 21, 2005 - 7:43 pm

    Wow. That’s an expensive Christmas list!! I also started my Christmas shopping today. Headed over to Target to get this for two of ny nephews. It’s already out of stock! I did learn what a rain check is though. πŸ™‚

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