Frozen iPod Casket Scene – Take One

iPod casket I still get people asking how the frozen iPod situation turned out. Well…I’ll tell you.

My iPod wasn’t frozen. It was d-e-a-d. Yes, dead. As in no life. Ever again.

So, I went through Apple’s unimaginably efficient service process that some people have talked about. And received my very own impressive packaging in which to return my iPod. The whole experience was quite efficient, but for a $400 piece of six month old hardware that really doesn’t serve more than one purpose, I have to say I would have rather had a product that WORKS and not had to experience the whole highly efficient service process.

Nonetheless, I got my replacement iPod and guess what? It too was frozen. Not dead, but frozen. Yes, I tried the whole reboot process that I’ve now perfected and it turned on only to refreeze while attempting to install the iPod Updater. So, I hand carried iPod #2 into the Apple Store. Long story short, they replaced it with iPod #3. #3 works…so far, but I’m suspicious for two reasons:

1. The iPod 40GB was quietly EOLd (end of lifed). The person at the Apple store said there was no real reason they stopped offering the iPod 40GB…right.
2. While I was in the Apple store getting what I not-so-lovingly-call iPod #3, another iPod 40GB owner came in with his frozen iPod.

I’m suspiciously warming up to iPod #3, but I’ll never fully depend on it. And I’m not buying it anymore gadgets until it proves it’s durability.

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