Project Manager-Topia

In the things that make project managers overjoyed category:

1. Of course #1 is cliche, but true: Projects that deliver early, under budget AND meet or positively exceed the defined needs. Emphasizing positively (as opposed to negatively) exceeding the needs…there is a painful difference.

2. A geographically distributed engineering team. I’m feeling the benefits of this one today and tomorrow as we race against time. Thanks to all that is holy and I’m not sure how holy he is, but more specifically thanks to Chris M. (rock star engineer in the UK) and the US-based portion of the team, we’re squeezing the juice out of a 17 hour (UK + US timezones) work day on a project where every minute counts.

3. And this one can be somewhat rare, but is quite common at Sun (based on my 11ish years of software development program mgt…5ish at Sun): An engineer who has SDOCD (Software Development Obsessive Complusive Disorder)…a lucky find!

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