What personal information about a corporate blogger is useful and why?

Every few months or so an internal Sun bloggers e-mail thread on the subject of ‘anonymous blogging’ surfaces. Basically, the question is ‘Why blog anonymously?’ I guess my spin on the same question is ‘What information about a corporate blogger is useful and why?’

By nature of my personality, I’m quite open about my personal life, opinions, characteristics, etc…even in this blog. I certainly can provide more (or less) personal information in my corporate blog, but would it somehow in the context of my blog really matter? My intro blog entry tells about my role at Sun and a bit about my area of expertise. My blog title currently lists my last name and previously listed my first name, but would knowing that my 1st name is ‘Linda’ really matter to my blog readers? Would it contribute to the credibility of my blog content? I think not.

To me, corporate blogger credibility is established through the content and credible references that back up stated facts. It is established by context set by knowing about the bloggers expertise. With some blogs, like Riverbend (a blog not related to Sun), it helps to know that she is an Iraqi woman living in Iraq. With my blog, I believe that knowing my name, my role, my summarized work history, and (going out on a limb on this one) my obscure, sarcastic, American humor helps my readers establish context around my entries.

Would providing additional information about myself somehow be useful in the context of my blog? More specifically, what are the basic elements of personal information necessary for establishing context for corporate bloggers? Following is my opinion of what this list looks like:

REQUIRED personal information elements for a corporate blog:
1. Role or job title (Intern, CEO, Program Manager, Engineer, Data Architect, Sales Person, etc.)
2. Level of Experience (are you a newbie or have you been doing this for a while? Side note: I find junior-level content just as interesting as expert content, but the subject matter of a given entry may sway this opinion in one direction or another.)
3. Area of interest: work and personal (establishes how much interest commonality we share…which drives my level of desire to track or not track your blog)

OPTIONAL, but nice to know personal information elements that still establish context:
1. 1st or last name (I guess this just makes me feel like I can connect with you as a real person)
2. Geographical culture (may impact the bloggers perspective, experience, etc…good or bad)
3. Gender (again, knowing this makes you more of a human to me)

What do you think?

  1. #1 by nick martinez on June 13, 2005 - 5:03 pm

    I think that listing height and weight is important, just so you can get a visual on the person.

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