My iPod won’t turn on…now what?!

OK…so now that I’ve welcomed the iPod into my home and take it on family vacations just like any other family member, the stinking thing won’t turn on. Sometimes, there’s a slight hint of lighting on the LCD, but no graphics, text, etc. Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ve read this and Googled that, but nothing. Niet. Nada. I did just return from a trip that required going through airport security…I wonder if those creepy TSA people broke it while it was going through their suspicious conveyor belt hunk of metal thingy?

Now what?

  1. #1 by ThinGuy on June 9, 2005 - 9:00 pm

    No solution, but soooo funny. Last night I was ready to call the iPod a POS. Not even 6 months MTBF. Then I discovered that the GFI had been tripped where my wife was trying to charge it.

  2. #2 by Paul Greidanus on June 9, 2005 - 10:44 pm

    I had a similar problem with mine when I plugged in my photo adapter the wrong way. Thing froze totally solid.. the links you had didn’t work, but I found another on apple’s site (that I can’t seem to dig up now..). Something about ffw and rew, and hitting the middle button or something.. but I can’t rememeber the details anymore. So, this is basically mostly a useless comment, but if it’s like mine, there is a fix.

  3. #3 by malcolm on June 22, 2005 - 4:50 am


  4. #4 by david carroll on June 30, 2005 - 3:26 pm

    my ipod wont fucking turn on. its pissin me off. everytime i attempt to turn it on, an apple logo appears on the screen and then a folder with an exclamation mark by the side of it. please can somebody help me!!!??

  5. #5 by will on July 12, 2005 - 10:57 am

    mine does the same, anyone know how to fix it?

  6. #6 by Spencer on August 3, 2005 - 2:17 pm

    Dont bother taking time to try and fix it’ Apple will more than likely send you a new one and in a timely fashion.f
    Send it in to apple if youf free 1 year defect warranty isnt up yet. My ipod froze a couple of times and it took a lot of work to get it unfrozen, so i sent in a request to get it repaired. They sent me a box to ship my 20gb it to them in less than 24 hours. I then shipped my ipod to them where they sent me a replacement in less than 4 days (over the weekend). The “replacement” was a brand new ipod free of any charges. I didnt even have to pay a shipping fee. I suggest you do the same.

  7. #7 by Jim Harvey on April 5, 2006 - 3:44 pm

    Mine wouldn’t turn on today and was having a bit of a panic.
    As Paul mentions above, you hold the centre button and the press on Menu at the same time and it should reset the iPod. Worked for me.
    Only thing I noticed now is my album art work isn’t showing up, but I think it will return next time I sync my iPod with my system at home.

  8. #8 by Gary Sullivan on May 5, 2006 - 9:51 am

    Same damn thing with mine, wont turn on and when it does this little folder with ! next to it comes up for half a scond the goes away, so I’m just gonna send mine in and get a new one….damn I always did hate Apple..

  9. #9 by sophie on June 10, 2006 - 3:05 am

    hi my ipod is not turning on and when i do that thing how you hold the buttons this picture of an ipod with a sad face comes up with the appl website but when i looked on the site they had no advice..someone please help me!!!!

  10. #10 by Kerry on September 16, 2006 - 8:48 pm

    my ipod wont turn on either, if i plug it in, it’s battery comes up with a lightening bolt outside of it, i think the battery may be fried if thats at all possible…maybe i’ll just send mine in to get a new one.

  11. #11 by unknown on October 1, 2006 - 6:54 am

    on the apple website there is advice on a sad face,

  12. #12 by Lou D. on October 22, 2006 - 7:45 am

    Wow, thank you so much for the menu, center button idea…it didnt work the first 2 times i did it but the 3rd…like magic thank you kind sir, i can now listen to some headbangin music again

  13. #13 by jessica on January 2, 2007 - 8:43 pm

    my fuckin ipod wotn turn on and its fuckin gay cause ive only had it for 2 weeks….

  14. #14 by pita on January 2, 2007 - 8:48 pm

    man fuck apple ipod my ipod wont turn on and it hasnt even been a month that ive had it !!!!!!!

  15. #15 by bianca on February 11, 2007 - 7:41 pm

    ipods suck. they freeze randomly, dont turn on.. and they just suck .

  16. #16 by mike on July 8, 2007 - 8:00 am

    yeah 30gb video ipod here, I’ve tried all that reseting bullshit and it won’t work. Haha i’ve even went to apples website for support service to call someone and the first three numbers that came up for my area were out of service. I was up till 3 am lastnight reading countless posts about how many problems there are with ipod. And most of them were not submitted from 15 year old idiots. Is it unique that apple with exchange the ipod with a simple bitch and whine complaint? Do they know they are robbin people that just give up and say fuck it after the ipod hangs on the asshole* screen and gives a few click? Seriously you can jump around any search engine from google to yahoo looking for an answer but really nobody knows why these things take a shit. The worst thing for a motherboard / computers is electricity, and thats all they are ran on. Well i’m thinking about going to smoke rocks and get on the same level as the techs over at asshole inc.

  17. #17 by changani on July 22, 2007 - 3:38 am

    my ipod would not turn on it turned on this morning when i connected it to my computer after 40 minutes it shows a battery with an exclamation mark, after wards it shows an apple giving signal to my computer showing ”do not disconnect”and then it comes the exclamation mark again with a battery that wont charge.

  18. #18 by Bobert on July 24, 2007 - 4:27 pm

    my ipod cut off whille i was waiting at a bus stop, and won’t reset and won’t turn on or anything. when i plug it in the computer itunes won’t even acknowledge it anymore. the ipod just gets hot and stays blank. i didn’t even have it that long and now i feel robbed. is there anybody to help out there?!

  19. #19 by chris on July 27, 2007 - 11:46 pm

    ummm my ipod juz hang when i select a song.. the lights is on.. but i mean.. its hang… it wont move or blink or anythin… no matter what i press makes no difference,,,, i cant even restart button..Duhhh…there isnt any… wat to do,,,,,help me …

  20. #20 by Ryan Neal English on August 1, 2007 - 11:12 pm

    one post above me… do you even speak english?

  21. #21 by Georgie on August 26, 2007 - 2:03 am

    I’ve had my ipod for a whole three days, it won’t charge by wall charger, or computer, won’t reset, just a black screen…it’s driving me mad. Help anyone?

  22. #22 by FUCKING DEPPRESS GIRLs on August 26, 2007 - 3:16 pm

    MY DAMN IPOD WON’T DO ANYTHING. I’M FUCKING DEPPRESSED!it shows a folder with an ! and a sad ipod. damn this motherfucking gay ipod! why must you hate me so much!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaa.

  23. #23 by Anon... Anonanonanonanonanonanonanonanon... on August 27, 2007 - 2:50 pm


  24. #24 by Margi on September 4, 2007 - 2:22 am

    Rofl you guys are acting like 5 year olds. Grow up -.-

  25. #25 by Jesse on September 24, 2007 - 8:17 pm

    my ipod wont turn on for anything not even a logo comes on its pissing me off help me

  26. #26 by melissa on September 30, 2007 - 2:19 pm

    I’ve had my Vidoe Ipod 60bg for atleast a year. I hardly use it anymore cause everytime i buy a new cd i have to go through all the process shit and add the songs. There for this is the second time it has froze on me. The first time it did i and did some searching and got it finally fixed. Now i’m tryn the same procedures. I guess there goes $600.00 down the drain, fckn money hungry PIG DIGGERS. HHHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPP MMMMEEEE MUSIC IS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. #27 by melissa on September 30, 2007 - 3:06 pm

    I guess with all the brains i have, wow am amazed i fixed my ipod, Turn the hold switch on and off, then hold the menu and the center button for 6 to 10 seconds. Wow ohhh weeeee it works. Smart ass That I AM!!!!!!

  28. #28 by Ahhhh on October 3, 2007 - 4:38 pm

    Poor you lot who could not turn their pod on. Mine just did. Ha!

  29. #29 by Haven on October 10, 2007 - 8:24 am

    Ok heres wahat you do with out having to reset everything. Plug in you Ipod to an outlet or power source (I used my i pod speakers…anything that charges it)..move he hold switch back and forth a few times quickly. Hold the select (center) button and menu button for at least 6 seconds or unitl the apple logo appears…after that your good to go. If that doesn’t work then i’m not sure what will

  30. #30 by nicole on October 14, 2007 - 10:32 am

    Yesterday I was listening to my Ipod for a little while, which made it very shocking to wake up this morning ready to listen to my Ipod. When I tried to connect it to my computer to put another CD on, my computer wouldn’t even show that my Ipod was connected and my Ipod did not light up and say "Do Not Disconnect" like it usually does. Then I got really nervous because I haven’t even had it for a year yet. So then I tried to research a way to fix it and the way melissa and haven explained it worked! So now my Ipod works again! THANK YOU.

  31. #31 by Amanda on October 19, 2007 - 12:19 pm

    This ipod is fucking bullshit .
    And I hate how all you idiots say the same shit .. No one is actually helping out .. Just agreeing with problems .. and talking about how shitty it is . .
    Anyways , I don’t have a solution either , whatever .. but HOLY FUCKIN’ CHRIST ! .. This reset bullshit you guys speak of, doesn’t do anything at all for me . And I just bought mine yesterday . I’ve put off buying one of these things for years .. and I knew this was going to happen . Apple is just a pile of fucking junk .

  32. #32 by Bonnie on October 27, 2007 - 4:48 pm

    Please……Help me….When I turn on my 30gb black video it shows the apple icon then the sad face then goes off. If I plug it into my computer it says the battery is extremely low and then the SAD FACE comes up. What can I do? Should I trash it and give up?

  33. #33 by David Scott Oliver on October 27, 2007 - 10:02 pm

    My iPod is a brand new 3rd generation (Ooooohhhhhhhhh!) Nano and I updated the fucking thing! It said wait for it to restart or some shit and all it does is turn on and off showing an amazing little apple! I love to stare at it all day! Anyone love to stare at an apple all day! Buy my iPod! It’s amazing, believe me!

  34. #34 by christine on October 30, 2007 - 1:04 am

    my ipod won’t turn on and when i try to plug it into my computer it doesn’t even say that it is. i’ve tried reseting it with the whole holding the buttons in and what not and nothing is working. please. anyone with a new idea??

  35. #35 by Ehalkes on November 1, 2007 - 6:11 am

    ok…. so i dropped my ipod about 4 months ago, and it’s been working somedays and others not. So i looked it up in google, and i came upon this little page. As i scrolled one person said to hold the menu and center buttons at the same time. so, i decided it’s worth a try and there you have it my ipod booted right up, you must hold the two buttons for about 30 seconds and then a apple logo pops up. i was actually quite amazed. you should really try this, i think it will help.

  36. #36 by trevor on November 4, 2007 - 6:33 am

    my ipod won’t turn on when in plug into my usb port on my computer or in my car it doesn’t do nothing, restting doesn’t work .have any has or had this problem please let me know.

  37. #37 by dee on November 8, 2007 - 9:11 pm

    my stupid mothermathing ipod doesn’t turn on, even with the Apple advice:
    1. Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.)
    2. Press and hold the Menu and Center (Select) buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears, about 6 to 8 seconds. You may need to repeat this step.
    I’ve probably repeated those two steps 10 times over and it still is doing nothing.

  38. #38 by SNOOP on November 22, 2007 - 1:48 am


  39. #39 by Chris on November 23, 2007 - 10:58 am

    so the new version of ITunes froze up my computer when i was updating my IPod. I was forced to turn off my computer. When my IPod awoke it read "connect to your computer, use Itunes to restore."
    okay so i tried that bull$hit. didn’t work. i found a website that told me to uninstall Itunes and reinstall it or install an older version.
    both didn’t work.
    IPod updater program: Think that would work right? Wrong. It tells me to use the newest version of Itunes. So i try uninstalling everything Itune and Ipod related on my computer. I then reinstall Ipod updater and try using it. Nope. Try the same thing only using Itunes instead. Nope.
    Read a tutorial that some hacking kid wrote about partitioning my Ipod into a portable hard drive or something like that. I can’t even do that without restoring my Ipod.
    Someone tell me how i can fix this 300 dollar piece of $HIt.

  40. #40 by Donny on November 23, 2007 - 1:46 pm

    My ipod wont turn on and the computer wont recognize it. I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I cant reset it, i pluged it into the computer and it didnt even show up. I hate IPODS. They SUCK!!!!!!

  41. #41 by marla on November 24, 2007 - 5:13 pm

    i just pressed the menu button and the center button together for like 10 seconds then an apple appeared again.. yehey!

  42. #42 by Zoe on November 25, 2007 - 12:19 pm

    can anyone help – my ipod won’t do anything – has totally stopped working – won’t turn on nothing! tried reseting and failed.

  43. #43 by Faith on November 28, 2007 - 11:54 am

    When i plug my Ipod in it comes up with a screen that says "PLease wait, very low battery" then it comes up with the apple logo, but it wont go away..
    Please, Some one help me, I just got my Ipod 4 days ago!

  44. #44 by dalvin on December 2, 2007 - 3:18 pm

    i juss got my ipod like 5 days ago. last night i was listening to music and then i turned it off for a minute. then i went to turn it back on and it didnt work. i keep trying to charge it or keep holding the center and play buttuns but nothing happens.the screen juss stays black.and,i dont have a warranty. someone help me plz!

  45. #45 by dalvin on December 2, 2007 - 3:42 pm

    omg! nvm!i fixed it ! all u have to do(if u had the same problem as me) is to press and hold the menu and center buttons at the same time.yeh the man!

  46. #46 by dalvin on December 2, 2007 - 3:43 pm

    omg! nvm!i fixed it ! all u have to do(if u had the same problem as me) is to press and hold the menu and center buttons at the same time.yeh the man!

  47. #47 by Jenn on December 2, 2007 - 6:10 pm

    I bought an i-pod off someone i know and it was working while he was using it . And now that i have it , it wont even turn on or show sign of life , and when i plug it to the computer i-tunes doesnt even realize its their. Anyone that can help or has an idea please help

  48. #48 by BJ&PJ on December 3, 2007 - 5:24 pm

    this is bullshit! My wife bought an Ipod for me as a gift the day after Thanksgiving and it does not work. We have been on the phone with the Ipod customer support for over 2 1/2 hours now to no avail. They even had the nerve to tell my wife that she can’t have a refund for this broken piece of shit. I don’t want it fixed/refurbished. My wife and I want our money back and at least a liitle bit of respect from a company that was glad to accept our money/patronage. I implore you to get your money back – don’t sent it back to Apple so that they can patch it up and send it back to you only to break again. Apple should be ashamed for putting out such a shitty product and for mistreating there customers this way!

  49. #49 by Bonnie Roark on December 3, 2007 - 6:47 pm

    I couldn’t of said it better. IPOD is a peice of CRAP!!! They are so over rated and you don’t relize it until you get one for yourself. The other brands are much more durable and afordable.

  50. #50 by lol on December 4, 2007 - 10:15 am

    Did you try turning it on?

  51. #51 by IZ JUST o on December 10, 2007 - 11:26 am


  52. #52 by Becca,. on December 14, 2007 - 10:07 pm

    My ipod did the same thingi tried charging it on the comp, and car NOTHING theni came here and read some things i tried a few, took me a few times but the hold and menu button really works might just need to hold it down for a min. cause i had to (: thanks

  53. #53 by Merlin on December 19, 2007 - 3:42 pm

    Hi all try that link is your ipod is out of warranty but it is at your own risk

  54. #54 by a cool dude on December 25, 2007 - 8:19 pm

    ok so i have a 3rd generation ipod nanno and today i tried turning it on and i saw a small spark come out of it and i smelt burnt a little what do i do because on of my friends gave it to me and i cant get the serial# because it wont turn on
    someone please help!!!

  55. #55 by Alexandra barry on December 27, 2007 - 10:54 am

    My ipod nano wont work inless the hold button is ON!! my laptop will only let it charge if the hold button is on so when i unplug it and turn off the hold button it wont turn on.

  56. #56 by Emily on December 28, 2007 - 7:21 pm

    What happened to me is my iPod went completly black just after I paused a song. So I searched on the internet and found out if you press the center button and the menu button at the same time it will turn on. So I tried this. The first few times I tried it didn’t work. But then I got pissed and held it there for a few minutes and it turned on again. So what u gotta do is hold the center and menu button for a little bit and it will work again 😀

  57. #57 by Emtron on January 1, 2008 - 5:43 pm

    im havin the same problem and ive been holdin the center button and the menu button for like 3 minutes now and its still black.

  58. #58 by John on January 3, 2008 - 3:20 pm

    Hey make sure to toggle the Hold button back and forth before, not while you push the center and menu buttons together. Also, try holding the menu and center buttons for more like 20-30 seconds.

  59. #59 by Joe Fixento' on January 4, 2008 - 5:25 am

    So your Ipod won’t turn on I had the same problem. Here is what I did. If you are getting the sad face then your answer is simple do the following.
    1. Check your underwear, it is important that they are on backwards! Apple does monitor this.
    2. Socks and I do mean Ipod Socks…you are supposed to wear them. Now try turning it on. (best if the colors don’t match)
    3. Get in good with the apple gods by offering them the blood of little helpless animals. I used puppies!
    4. Slapping your spouse around has also been known to turn on ipods. (but only for a short time)
    5. Finally if all else fails you definetly have a bad ipod I suggest continued crying on the internet…although this never turned mine sure made me feel better.

  60. #60 by creese on January 4, 2008 - 8:45 am

    thanks! center and menu worked great, on the 12th time. i have had it for a day!

  61. #61 by 22.889s on January 7, 2008 - 7:37 am

    I had the same problem. An iPod is like a car. Don’t use the car for a long time and the battery is asleep. Same with an iPod… I didn’t use mine for 3 weeks and it slept. The center, menu thing works. It took me a few times but it eventually worked after the 5th or something. First try was like Apple logo -dies.- Kept on going like that till it worked. Then when the light came on I was like Woo…… -.- then I tried turning it off and it didn’t work, so I did Reset All Settings, still didn’t work, but it should of… Like it always does. So I went to my music, to be specific, artists, Linkin Park – QWERTY (Summer Sonice 06) and it works.

  62. #62 by soccer_gurl on January 10, 2008 - 7:35 pm

    My ipod suks s****. I got it 6 dayas ago and it has frozen 2wice. Now it wont turn on. My 1st ipod broke 2 on da 1st day!!!! F Costco and there 50% broken n=merchandise. I hav trid everE thang. Nothing works. F all the A** holes who tell u all the bull how 2 fix ur stupid ipods.

  63. #63 by Tony on January 19, 2008 - 11:54 pm

    hey. my ipod is a 20 gb white. not sure wat else click wheel. ANYWAYS
    when it just froze. with a FOLDER and EXCLAMATION point. the computer WONT reconize it. and it just sounds like its spinning inside thinking. but than turns off. any one know? ps charging wont work and the reset.

  64. #64 by Jenna on January 25, 2008 - 12:49 pm

    I lost my Ipod over a week ago, when I found it it was working but a few days later it stopped! teh screen is black and my Ipod is not on hold, and yes I have tried holding down menu and the centre button but still nothing happeneds. I have also tried charging it…what do I do?

  65. #65 by Anonymous on January 30, 2008 - 12:59 pm

    press and hold the middle button and play

  66. #66 by tony on January 30, 2008 - 8:37 pm

    Hey guys!! i fixed my ipod. it wouldnt turn on, it wouldnt get recongized by computer, or charge and usually just showed a folder with exclamation point. now i saw this answer before and dint take it seriously.
    but Hit the right side of the ipod fairly hard on a table. dont crack the screen but it will start the ipod up again.
    It really works, im sorry if it doesnt and it caused u more trouble. but its worth a try!

  67. #67 by Christine on January 30, 2008 - 9:24 pm

    I had the exact same problem as Bobert up there (minus the bus stop). I was seriously freaking out and pushing all the buttons. As I was reading the comments, I was holding down the center and "Menu" button as hard as I could. I doubt that was necessary (holding it down hard), but I turned to look at it again, and the Apple Icon appeared. iTunes finally acknowledges it! 😀

  68. #68 by Nadia on February 4, 2008 - 2:34 am

    i tried the press the menu and center thingy-thing and it works!!!!!thx peple…i almost got a heart attack when that happen!!!!

  69. #69 by Lindsay on February 4, 2008 - 1:57 pm

    thank you thank you thank you!!!
    the middle button and menu botton thing
    worked!! i sware you guys are life savers!!!

  70. #70 by Pooped on February 4, 2008 - 2:16 pm

    Well, well, well….. I tried the hold menu and select button for days now. And still NOTHING! Thank God that I got the warranty for it. I know, I know but what about all that hard work and hours of adding music, pictures and movies all gone! Well I give up. My poor lil nano started to get hot when I tried to charge it. It’s dead. No reseting, it’s gone. and so is my will to keep trying. I will send it back and get a new one so that my adventure of adding music and crap will start all over again.
    Thank you for some of the entertaining posts that I read here. They were certainly F. U. N.

  71. #71 by CJ on February 6, 2008 - 7:02 pm

    i dropped my ipod earlier today and i tried resetting it but that didnt work it lit up and looked like it was turning on but instead of showing me my music screen next it just kept showing the lit up screen with the white apple on it and then it would shut off again. it did that the first 2 times then i tried to charge it. it said low battery so i put it on my iHome charger. then it wouldnt charge and completely shut off. i tried resetting it again and since then have tried about 20 more times. it still wont turn on and the damn thing is making me really mad. any suggestions? keep in mind i dropped it and it DID hit the ground pretty hard…. could that have something to do with it?

  72. #72 by Abaddon on February 7, 2008 - 10:53 am

    Lol – sounds like your hard drive’s fcuk’ed!
    Does it make a clicking sound when it starts the apple loading screen all over again?
    Has anyone tried (with this problem) tried plugging their ipod into a dedicated charger? (You know – it goes Ipod->Ipod wire->small white box=>Directly into wall outlet)
    That seems to solve the continuous reset thing… It’s to do with VERY low battery power, so it doesn’t charge well from a PC USB port.

  73. #73 by Abaddon on February 7, 2008 - 10:55 am

    And seriously, this line of comments has gone on for three years! GWR? I think not. But COME ON people… If you’ve read ALL of the above, you MUST have come up with a solution by now… WTF?!

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