Treo650 Test: Who photographs better? GUI Guy or Ashlee Simpson

Yesterday, I tested out the photo capabilities of my new Treo 650 on my friend Josef (Sun GUI Guru) vs Ashlee Simpson (explanation to follows as to why I was at her concert last night).

As you can see, even tho’ Josef has not had a make-over while on his own reality TV show that his father purchased, he looks remarkably better than Ashlee. Of course, I was sitting much closer to Josef than Ashlee at the time the photos were taken.

Conclusion: The photo capabilities of the new Treo ROCK! Yeah, sure, there are many other digital cameras out there that take better pictures, but keep in mind that Treo’s sole purpose in life is not to take pictures…it has several other day/night jobs on top of that.

Now, why was I at the concert, you ask? A) I have a ten year old daughter who is an Ashlee Simpson fan and B) the tickets were f-r-e-e. Overall, it wasn’t so bad…about as fun as Disney on Ice or a red-hot fire poker in my eye.

guiguy ashlee

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