Left Brainer Help Requested for Science Fair Project Ideas…

…it’s science fair project time and I’m hoping someone out there can offer project suggestions. My fourth grader is beginning the quest for a compelling science fair project and has her eye set on not just a solid grade (that’s my hope), but wants to continue on to the local area competition (yikes…no pressure!). We’re hoping to find something somewhat original…no tired projects like the good ol’ volcano or gold fish responds to flashlight feedings.

The project is due in April and the purpose statement is due next week, so we have little time to make a decision, but a fair amount of time to execute the project.

The project must be at the fourth grade level and have two testable variables (example: plant A grown with light vs plant B grown with no light). The actual deliverable must include the following:

  • Problem Statement
  • Hypothesis
  • Procedures (steps of the experiment)
  • Results
  • Conclusion

And may include (optional items):

  • Purpose (desired findings)
  • Pictures and drawings
  • Observations journal
  • Photographs
  • Charts & tables

Any cool project ideas would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

UPDATE: We are going with the affects of various beverages on teeth. We were able to obtain seven sterilized human teeth in good shape from local dentist at no cost…nice guy.

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