Inside the mind of a neurotic project manager…

I’m not talking about the overly certified project manager (been there, done that). I’m talking about the natural born project manager…the kind of PM that as s/he navigates a task, is scanning, scanning, scanning the surroundings for opportunities to sweep up the low hanging fruit without losing a beat on the task at hand.

Tonight…I think I’ve come close to my home being project manager grade utopia…the *real* PMs out there will gasp when they hear that statement.

I think…I have almost every personal belonging in its designated position.

That’s right…at this moment…every article of clothing that my three member family owns is either a) cleaned and stored neatly in drawers or closets or b) on one of said family members bodies.

Every small appliance, dish, pan, and utensil is clean and in it’s appropriate position.

Every pet is fed and watered.

Child’s homework complete and in backpack.

Child is clean and nestled comfortably in bed.

Husband: clean and watching the news on fresh linens.

Dog: nails clipped and resting at the foot of the child’s bed.

Cats: ok, I don’t know where the hell the cats are, but come on now…who can control cats?

Remote controls: in their easy access position.

Email: Read and responded to (both work and personal).

Cell phone: charged and ready for early morning action.

Blog: updated with a link directing traffic back to employers website.

Note to self: you’re freaking me out…perhaps it’s time for a vacation.

  1. #1 by Michael Jordan on March 4, 2005 - 10:59 am

    Why did you leave your dog’s nail clippings at the foot of the bed? 😉

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