Supply Chain Mgt of Game Consoles

So…a week and a half *after* Christmas and my 10 year old finally got what she wanted for Christmas: an Xbox. Since we were in Colorado and Nevada in December, we searched high and low for this [bleeping] thing, but couldn’t find one. We finally found one yesterday at a small hole in the wall mom & pop shop gaming store…their ‘last one!’

To make matters worse, many of the retail outlets we visited couldn’t even tell us when they’d get more…to me, this sounds more like a symptom of poor manufacturer production planning than poor retail store inventory planning.

In times were there is super savey software to help manage extremely complex supply chains in part by accurately estimating supply & demand based on all kinds of manufacturing time and economic/historic trend data, how in the heck can a manufacturer miss the boat so badly? It’s not just an Xbox thing, other game consoles were in short demand as well.

Could this be because too many people/manufacturers believe analysts estimates as tho’ they are the gospel? I hope there’s a more clever explanation…maybe the extreme shortage was calculated to influence future sales of new product??? Even still…a shortage of this caliber seems more like a huge production estimate error.

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