What do you do with a process that has too little value?

I suggest you punt it! But prior to punting a project/program process (or possibly any process), it’s a good idea to 1) ask yourself if the process is implemented correctly for your project and 2) once you have validated that it is implemented correctly and still has too little value, I suggest you have a qualified colleague validate your findings prior to…you guessed it…PUNTING IT!

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE process! But I’ve seen and unfortunately was tortured by the evil consequences of meaningless, valueless (is that a word?), over-process created and enforced by maniacal process radicals. My theory is if you are implementing a process (no matter how big or small), the value damn well better outweigh the cost (in terms of $, effort, time, etc.). If it doesn’t, see paragraph one.

The flip side is too little process or over-simplifying your implementation of the process…which is just as bad, but don’t be afraid to mold a project mgt methodology in part or whole to best meet the needs of your project. If a PM methodology is so rigid that it cannot be specifically molded to meet the needs of your specific project in a manner where the process justifies the effort, then see paragraph one.

But what if you don’t have the authority to punt it? Well, sadly, you might have to live with it, but I recommend documenting the process cost -vs- process benefit data and shining a light on this collected information to the folks who have the punting authority and hopefully, this will be the catalyst for change.

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