June Cleaver Couldn’t Survive the 21st century…

dinner How do I know this? Because the photographed meal in this blog is the first hot meal that I’ve had the time and energy to prepare for my family in…well…a very long time. Which is probably why I felt compelled to take a picture of it. The really cool and unusual thing is it was in place the minute my husband and daughter walked in the door.

Wow…I might get frowned upon by the super-feminists in the world, but it felt good to have time to play the 1950’s role of ‘woman of the house.’ Now…I didn’t meet them at the door in a dress, pearl necklace, binding pantyhose, high heels that pinch ones feet really hard, and big poofy aqua-net laquered hair, but you’ll notice there’s a nice cold beer on the table…and June Cleaver NEVER did that for Ward! Yeah! So take that, June!

By the way, if June were a young woman in 2004, there’s a ~60% chance she’d be a working woman like me who in addition to her day job still has her 1950’s housewife duties and other activities like maintaining her blog and saving owls…and there’s no way she’d be able to do all that in pointy high heels and tight pantyhose that give you indigestion.

  1. #1 by Anonymous on August 20, 2004 - 8:28 am

    Make your husband clean the house wearing high heels and pantyhose.

  2. #2 by Linda on August 20, 2004 - 8:32 am

    Now THAT is the best damn idea that has ever been posted on this blog! 🙂

  3. #3 by rama on August 26, 2004 - 1:49 pm

    What is that, a Bud Light?
    Did you have Joe over for dinner or something?? 🙂

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