I got in trouble for blogging…

not by my mgr, but by my real boss – the one I married. :-/

In a conversation tonight he said “Why don’t you just blog once a week? That’s 52 blogs a year! BLOGs…there’s something I don’t like about that word.”

So, to make up for being obsessed with blogs, I thought I’d dedicate this special blog to the man who puts up with me day in and and day out.

Dear sweet vente mocha, blogging is beautiful – and in effort to win you over to the wonderous world of blogging, I wrote this special song for you. Please sing it to the music of “Let me be there” by your idol Olivia Newton-John.


Let me blog you in the morning.
Let me blog you in the night.
Let me blog whatever’s wrong, and make it right.
Yeah, make it right.

Let me take you to that blogging land
that only two can share.
All I ask you-ooo-ooo-oooooo
is let me blog there.
Yeah, let me blog there.

Your piping hot soufflee

  1. #1 by nickinvegas on August 18, 2004 - 4:58 pm

    We need more humor!
    Readers of the blog revolt!

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