REALLY Deep Haikus…

Day 3 of blogging and based on the comments of one out of three of my loyal followers, it appears that now is the time for some material from the ‘Obscure Humor’ department. If you find these entertaining (even just a little bit), there could be something wrong with you.

Here we go…

cat Hey crazy gato,
did you drink from my water
when I turned away?

Haiku Disclaimer: Sun Microsystems does not necessarily agree with nor share the concern highlighted in the above haiku. Further, they do not encourage cats to drink from glasses of water assembled for human consumption. Lastly, no humans were harmed as a result of unknowingly drinking the possible backwash of said cat.

Oh dev manager,
how you torture me some days.
Your name: Evil Trey

Haiku Disclaimer: The term ‘evil’ is used in the most endearing way (seriously, I actually like my current dev mgr). Now, this haiku is customizable and can be used for any dev manager with a name of one syllable.

Flushed your cache today?
I did, but I’m not sure why.
I don’t feel diff’rent.

Haiku Disclaimer: Let me think…ok, no fine print is necessary for this haiku. It’s fine as is.

If I have inspired you to add haikuing to your list of interests, you might want to check out the Haiku-o-Matic!

  1. #1 by uche on August 6, 2004 - 12:42 pm

    Response haiku:
    No. I was fishing
    For flies that had fallen in.
    –su gato loco

  2. #2 by Your boss on August 6, 2004 - 4:01 pm

    Your poetry belongs to Sun. Did you clear that with Export?

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